Abandoned Dog Stood Howling for Days After Owner Drove Off Without Her

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. They are so loyal and affectionate towards their owner. Sadly, sometimes they don’t get the same thing back. It’s heartbreaking to see so many dogs being abandoned, neglected or abused by their owners. For instance, just look at the dog in the following video. She had a really tragic story behind her, and it’s heartbreaking.

People took notice of this dog because for days, this dog howled. According to Kimberley Slown of Arrow Dog Rescue, she seemed to be in really good condition. It really looked someone just took off her collar and drove off. Staff at the store said she roamed the parking lots for days, whining and peering into car windows. She couldn’t find her owner, and she was visibly in a lot of distress.


Thankfully, this dog wasn’t alone for long. Mary Murphy, a volunteer at Arrow Dog Rescue, fortunately came across the howling dog. Initially, she had trouble getting a hold of the dog and putting a collar on her. But after trying to earn her trust for days, she was finally successful. They managed to secure the dog, and are now working to give her the life she truly deserves.

After nine agonizing days alone, this pooch, who rescuers named Samantha, is now on her way to a new life.


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