Armed Robbers Break In to Steal Baby but Regret It After Meeting the Two Pit Bulls!

A Latin American woman was at home with her baby while her husband had just gone to work. The poor woman was attacked by two robbers inside her own house. This horrendous crime, however, did not cause any serious harm to the mother and child. All thanks to a brave pitbull!

The victim recalls the day with teary eyes and a small wound on her head. The robbers asked her for money and when she denied giving them any, they attacked her. The attackers were allegedly a black man and a black woman. The woman snatched her baby and attempted to run away.

The family pet was alert about the situation so, he started chasing the woman to the front door. The woman freaked out and threw the baby back to its mother. The pitbull also chased down the other man and the mother and the baby were finally safe.

We are all surely very proud of this brave dog! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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