9 Months of Pregnancy Accelerated Into 4 Minutes – It’s Mind-Bending

Children are often called the hope of the future. But where do they come from? Some parents tell their kids the “stork story”, while some parents start talking about the “birds and the bees” when it’s time. However, what most of us fail to express to our children is what exactly happens in the mother’s womb during the pregnancy period. That’s where this video comes into play. The clip gives us a glimpse of the life in the womb.

The short footage it only around four minutes long, but it covers the whole nine months inside the mother’s womb. From the fertilization of the egg, to the transformation of the embryo to a fetus, to the baby opening their eyes – this journey will no doubt leave you out of words. The video does a good job of explaining the entire thing! If you have a hard time describing the miracle of birth to your kids, just show them this clip!


The video takes you on a journey through pregnancy, right from conception, all the way to birth. It shows the distance sperm travels to reach the egg and what happens when it finally makes it; what it looks like when it is starting to grow actual limbs, and they even show the development of our sexual organs.

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