Dad Comes Home From Work, Cockatoo Goes Into a Rant About the House Cat

Any pet can add some color and fun into your life. Having a dog is like getting a new best friend, which getting cat is like having a constant companion by your side. Cockatoos are really fun pets to have as well. They can keep us engaged with their ability to mimic speech and sounds. They have personalities that are as vibrant as their plumage. Every cockatoo has his own signature personality, and the one in the following video certainly has an unforgettable one.

Meet Mr. Max the cockatoo. He is quite a talkative fellow, and keeps confiding to his dad about whatever happened to him during the day. On this particular day, he had a lot to say about the house cat, and how he pours his heart out to dad is hilarious. Max was telling dad all about what Angel the cat had said to him when he was away at work. The man listened to him carefully while the bird ranted on and then told him to stay away from cats as they put birds in trouble.

Max seems to understand every single word—just look at him listening so attentively to his dad! Cockatoos are intelligent birds, but this guy puts another level of sassiness and humor into his personality! But as much as he listens, you have to admit this cockatoo sure loves a good chat. It must be really fun having this guy babbling around the house!

This video makes you wonder about what other sorts of things this cheeky cockatoo gets himself into while dad is away from home! Watch his hilarious antics below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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