He Went Walked Abit and Disapeared in Thin Air – This is Genius!

People have been looking for ways to become invisible for centuries. Moreover, they have perfected the technique of blending in with the environment by using camouflage. However, no one has been able to disappear in front of people’s eyes completely. But this invisibility cloak comes pretty close!

The idea of an invisibility cloak is nothing new. Author JK Rowling came up with this concept in her famous children’s book series “Harry Potter!” In it, the characters use a magical cloak to disappear into thin air. And now, this idea has become a reality!

invisibility cloak hyperstealth

In 2010, a man named Guy Cramer figured out the secret to invisibility and is revealing the incredible technology! The “quantum stealth” is light-bending material that can make subjects invisible. Moreover, he demonstrates it in different forms, including a riot shield. Additionally, this material even works in various spectrums of light! But the most impressive thing has to be when he curves it. The item behind it completely disappears! Watch the fascinating video below:

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