Primarily guided by their religion, the Amish are private and simple people. Although their lifestyle may have vast differences considering the rest of the world, they do live practically. Their usage of traditional techniques in housekeeping has allowed them to live a sustainable life.

Herbs concoction to get rid of Bugs

This mixture helps keep your home bug-free. Add three tablespoons of:
Citronella, lavender, peppermint, cloves, catnip, spearmint, and lemongrass. Now mix a cup of hot water. Once the mixture cools down. Use a strainer to filter the herbs. Finally, spray the mixture in the affected areas.

A Spoonful of Sugar keeps the pesky insects away.

For the insects that are ruining the plants, mix a gallon of water with half a cup of brown sugar. Spray that on the plants to keep insects away. And if you are facing a cockroach attack, blend equal parts white sugar, borax. Again, spray in the infested areas, but do remember to keep the pets away.

Fight off Stubborn stains

Boil a teaspoon of salt with two cups of water. Once it cools down, scrub down on the strained areas. Repeat the process until you get the best results.

Torn Bedsheets

Usually, bedsheets began tearing up in the middle. So, cut through the middle flip the side. This way, the torn side becomes the new edge. The rest, you can sew it up nice and easy.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

No hacks are complete without the combination of this strong disinfectant. Mix teaspoon of baking soda with two cups of white vinegar. The combination can help clean the kitchen counters in no time. If the smell is too strong, add few drops of essential oil.

Simple Vinegar Hack

In the 4:1 ratio, combine hot water and vinegar. This way, you won’t have to use any harsh chemicals on the floor. For a disinfectant spray. Combine a cup of vinegar and water, boil the mixture and add few orange peels. Use after it cools down.

Enjoy these simple hacks.

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