It’s so easy to get custom furniture these days. You don’t have to wait for a carpenter to make it from scratch like you had to in the old days. You can get everything you need on one trip to Ikea. However, although there are many options for customizations, these standard designs have set sizes and purposes unless you use a little creativity!

Chris Haider is a Dad of real children. He is also the virtual Dad of thousands of his subscribers who look up to him for home improvement projects. In his channel HandyDadTV, Haider gives out useful tips on remodeling and renovations. And one of the most impressive ones has to be the hack where he uses seven kitchen cabinets to build something completely different.

cabinet bed

The handyman builds an amazing bed from cabinets! And if that isn’t splendid enough, he makes a fantastic platform bed. Additionally, it has massive amounts of storage! Moreover, it’s perfect for small rooms and kids. You will never have to worry about toys cluttering the room anymore. Watch to learn how to DIY the impressive bed below:

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