Girl Plays Her Original Tune on the Piano and Gets Up. Now, Pay Attention to the Man That Plays After Her

How would you feel if a professional came up to you and played your musical piece for everyone? It was exactly what had happened to a 15-year-old pianist.

A young teenager gathered up some courage and played piano in public. She was nervous as she played the piece. Several people were surrounding her as she was playing the public piano. But little did she know there was a professional pianist in the crowd. They were all cheering and praising the girl as she played her piece.

teen shocked after performance

But as she finished and was ready to leave, she heard the same tunes again. In shock, she turns around and sees it is Brendan Kavanagh, a professional pianist, and performer. And it took him no time to play the tunes the girl played.

After his performance, Brendan asks her a bunch of questions. And she reveals that the piece was her composition. She prepared it for her GCSE exams. But hearing a better version from a professional was shocking and mesmerizing for her.

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