This Will Make You Think Twice Before Throwing Away Toilet Paper Rolls

Here’s a great little DIY article that shows you LOTS of things you can do with used toilet paper rolls besides throw them away. It’s creative, environmentally responsible and can be fun, too! Here are nine ideas for creatively using your spent toilet paper rolls.

  1. Toy garage

If you have a kid, you are likely to get many benefits from this hack. Just collect a few of them, pile them up and you’re good. You can insert those nasty cars inside a garage instead of stepping on them when your child leaves them on the floor.

2. Seed starter

Well, don’t get that expensive ceramic vase. Instead, get something that’s more durable and of no cost at all, there won’t be any regrets, trust us on this!

3. Pen holder

Paint some useless toilet paper rolls with your favorite color, let them try, and just insert some pens and pencils or your favorite pair of scissors. So handy when used properly!

4. Bird feeder

Put some bugs or some bird food on the paper roll, it sticks well. Then, wait for some hungry birds to devour the roll’s content.

5. Cable organizer

Stubborn and tangled wires and cables won’t be a problem when you stuff them neatly inside a toilet paper roll, label the outside so it’s easier to find one that you need.

6. Yarn organizer

Use some of those rolls as a yarn organizer. No mess and no tangles. Just some smooth flow of yarns at your service.

7. Scarf organizer

Fold them stubborn scarves in a paper roll each. It’s so convenient when you have to find one in rush.

8. Store wrapping paper

You can bind some wrapping paper with a paper roll that’s left out from your toilet paper. Trust us, it works for your own good.

9. Gift box

As bizarre as it may sound, you can use one as a gift box. Just fold it the right way, color it up or simply paste some tapes unto it and you’re all good.

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