Dog’s Rural House is on Fire, So He Flags Down Help and Leads Them to It

Here’s a heartwarming story about a very smart dog who helps save his owner’s house from burning down and afterward, helps him raise awareness about rural fire safety.

A ground fire racing through rural Alaska was threatening to destroy this dog’s home and his owners were out, so Buddy the German Shepherd went and paced up and down the nearest main road. When he spotted a state trooper Terrence Shanigan driving by, he immediately looped around and raced for his home.

“This particular part of Alaska is very remote and rural. When you’re dealing with limited light conditions, roads that aren’t well marked, I would say it’s one of the most difficult areas to navigate in the winter time,” Shanigan said.

Once he saw the dog, Shanigan said he followed him to a remote turn off and down what looked like a driveway, where he was finally able to see the fire. But Buddy didn’t stick around, he headed back out once Shanigan arrived at the house.

15 Minutes later, firefighters arrived and told the same story of Buddy waiting for them on the road then leading them to the house. “One of the firefighters said ‘Man, you’re not going to believe this’ ,” Shanigan said. Buddy had led them to the house too!

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