I’d like to introduce you to Herschel, a beautiful shepherdess. She was chained for five years. She constantly chewed the chain and scrubbed her teeth with it. She was found at an animal shelter and then went on to be adopted by a family.

Regrettably, that family changed their mind almost immediately, and the dog returned to the shelter. Herschel’s future looked grim for a long time, as it appeared that she would live at the shelter for the rest of her life. Rocky Kanak entered the fray at that point.

gsd alone beach

Rock Kanak hosts a TV show where he picks up dogs on outings and entertains them to make them feel good. When Kanak found out about the opportunity to travel with Herschel, he decided to go.

In the midst of the chaos, Herschel (the dog) tried many new treats and eventually made his way to the family. The family had longed for him and was happy to welcome him into their home. We all had an incredible time at the beach, but Herschel enjoyed it the most because he was thrilled to see the water. Watch his happiest moment here:

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