Shark Attack Ends Up Saving Man’s Life

Eugene Finney is thankful for a shark that bit him, which is certainly a weird choice of words. Eugene was on a vacation with his family in California, taking in the beach’s festivities and enjoying the sunshine when something hit him on the back of the head so hard he nearly lost his consciousness.

He was in pain and unable to get his bearings, so he swam back to the beach. After his daughter told him about the long gash on his back, he rinsed. They saw lifeguards yelling to bring people in after sharks had been spotted in the water and fins.


Despite the fact that he had returned to Massachusetts, the pain in his chest continued to be a problem, so he sought treatment at a hospital where he was given the diagnosis of “interior bruising of the thoracic cavity, due to blunt-force trauma“.

However, doctors did not diagnose him with only one condition. They also discovered a cancerous tumor on his kidney, which they would not have so quickly if he hadn’t been attacked by the shark.

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