When Heartbroken Donkeys Saw Their Dead Friend, Their Reaction Broke Everyone’s Heart

Most people have a misconception that animals don’t really have feelings. But these people couldn’t be more wrong. Animals have emotions and feelings like we humans do. Donkeys, for example, display a wide range of emotions. They are social animals that form strong bonds with other donkeys and can experience both positive and negative emotions, such as happiness, contentment, fear, and anxiety.

Furthermore, research suggests that donkeys may have a high level of emotional intelligence, which means that they can recognize and respond to the emotions of others, including humans. For example, donkeys have been observed to approach and comfort humans who are upset or in distress. And as this video shows, they also know sadness and pain. You are going to be in tears when you see this touching video for yourself.

This clip shows a herd of donkeys from a farm. They just lost one of their own and their reactions are heartbreaking to say the least. Bram the donkey passed away before his time, and all the donkeys got together to give him an emotional goodbye.

According to the video description, the dark donkey was Bram’s best friend. In his panic, he stumbled over Bram’s neck trying to get him up. The leader of the herd even bit Bram in his belly to awake him! Watch the moving video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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