Staff Sergeant Comes Home From Deployment – Doggo Absolutely Loses It!

Our military servicemen and women are incredible. They constantly risk their lives for the sake of their nation and they sacrifice almost everything to protect their country from harm. They deserve all our respect. Unfortunately, many of them are sent off on dangerous missions all around the world. This forces them to stay away from their family, sometimes for years! That is why there is nothing better than when service member returns back home safely.

There are a lot of things those service members miss while they’re gone in addition to their family, and tops on that list are their pets (and indoor plumbing, of course). Well the Staff Sergeant featured below finally had a chance to return home and, after he had reunited with his family, he wanted to see his dog. He wanted it to be a surprise. But then his German Shepherd, Harley, finally shows up.

In general, most dogs will remember their owners for a considerable amount of time after they are gone, and some studies have suggested that dogs can remember their owners for several years or even for the rest of their lives. Well clearly Harley remembers his owner because his dance of joy might even make you tear up.

You are going to be touched at how the duo reacts! The way Harley welcomes his dad back is the sweetest thing ever! The video was even featured on Good Morning America Live. Watch the touching clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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