A dog is a man’s best friend. The clip below illustrates the statement and displays the profound meaning of being close friends. They are not just your best friend, but you are theirs too.

Most of the time, we tend to forget friendship or any relationship works both ways. The story below is painted from a canine “Denali’s ” perspective. It an expression of bonding, gratitude, love, and more.

Moreover, the way this film is presented, we each may have a varied opinion on how it makes us feel. And I think that’s totally fine. Those who have been through the pain of losing their favorite companion. Watching this clip may be a little difficult.

Regardless, the story is beautiful and worth the watch. Death is inevitable, however, we have full control over the path we choose. Ben Moon, surfer/photographer, and Denali teach us a valuable lesson. How to bond through the thick and thin? From awful break to stage 3 cancer, the two try their best to enjoy life.

Please press play and watch one of the most amazing stories of two friends.

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