Baby Owl Gets a Squirt Bottle Shower – Watch His Wild Reaction

While some people love splashing around in a hot bath, there are others for whom it’s definitely not one of their favorite activities. And owls are no exception: they don’t take traditional baths like other birds do, such as by splashing around in water. Instead, they typically maintain their feathers by preening them with their beaks and talons. They accomplish this by using their beaks to spread oil from a gland near their tail throughout their feathers, which helps to waterproof and condition them.

Additionally, owls may also use dust baths to help keep their feathers clean and free of parasites. They will find a patch of dry soil or dust and roll around in it, which helps to remove excess oil and dirt from their feathers.


So here we have Curbie, a stunningly beautiful pet owl. Curbie spends the majority of his waking hours outside his cage, exploring his owner’s property. With so much room to move around, he doesn’t get bored–but he does get a bit dirty and needs a cleaning. Unlike most owls, Curbie does take a shower: his owner uses a squirt-bottle to gently mist him all over. What was funny was that Curbie was begging for a drink when the video was shot.

See how the whole thing plays out, including Curbie’s amazing reaction to the water spray. Watch the cute video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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