There are some who hate taking showers or even get near the water while others love splashing water and soaking them in a hot bath. And this owl is no exception. All he wants to do is, keep his feathers clean.

Curbie the owl is a stunningly beautiful pet owl, and it’s easy to see why. Anybody would be smitten by his stunningly patterned feathers and mesmerizing chestnut eyes. Curbie is also a great house pet because of his free-spirited, yet tame, personality. Curbie spends the majority of his waking hours outside his cage, exploring his owner’s property. With so much room to move around, he’d never get bored.


Using Poke My Heart, Curbie’s owner shared a video of him with the world. Curbie the owl was begging for a drink when the video was shot. The large bird flew towards his owner, who was usually seen with a water bottle nearby to quench his thirst.

But wait till you see his water bottle. Watch the full video here:

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