There is nothing that divides people more than April Fool’s Day! Some people hate the idea of pranks and jokes for a whole day. However, some people plan things out long before the holiday rolls around. And this hilarious teacher took it to a whole different level when he gave his students a test to remember.

Joe Dombrowski is a teacher from Royal Oak, Michigan. He adores the kids that he teaches. So, in the spirit of fun, he gave the fourth graders a spelling test. However, it wasn’t any regular quiz. It was an early April Fool’s joke! Moreover, he made a list of words that do not exist. Afterward, he makes the class check their quizzes by spelling them out. And the result is just hilarious!

fake spelling test

In the video that has more than 10 million views, the instructor starts spelling out words like “blorskee,” “chchch,” “speekuzslmn,” and many more. Furthermore, you can hear the students moan when he informs them that some words have silent letters. Spelling and using the words in sentences, he ends the list by spelling the 11th word that doesn’t exist, “April Fools!” The students go into a hilarious riot after he reveals that this is a joke! Watch the video below:

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