Young Man’s Autism is So Severe He Doesn’t Speak – Unless He Hears a Josh Turner Song

Music is one of the most powerful things in the world. It helps people express their joys and sorrows. Moreover, it is universal that connects all human beings. Even when people don’t speak the same languages, melodies can unite them. Also, this healing quality of music is the reason for this miracle.

When he was just two years old, Logan Blade was diagnosed with severe autism. He needs round the clock assistance and has a difficult time vocalizing himself. But to his parent’s surprise, this completely changes in the presence of music. Furthermore, the country singer, Josh Turner, is Logan’s favorite artist. And it’s his dream to sing in the Opry stage. So, Josh decided to make his biggest fan’s dreams come true!

logans duet

In the video, Josh Turner talks about how he came about to become the musician that he is today. On saying so, he calls up Logan Blade to sing a duet with him on his debut hit “Long Black Train.” And when the young man from Tennessee starts singing, it’s like his autism disappears! Watch the power of music below:


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