Wooly Sheep Wandered the Wilderness and Hid From Sheers for Six Years

A sheep’s wool keeps growing with time. It is only right to cut their wool in time to help them get rid of that extra weight.

When sheep are not domesticated, they are likely to carry a lot of weighty wool on their body unless they are cut properly. Farmers caught these sheep with so many kilograms of wool. They call him Shaun the sheep. Unlike the sheep from your childhood cartoon, this sheep is sort of wild and very wooly as well. However, farmers Peter and Netty Hazell found the very shaggy merino ram wandering in brushland on their land in central Tasmania in 2014.

Shaun could be the world’s wooliest sheep, his fleece came in at a weight of 23.5 kg (52 pounds) but another sheep beat his record. “He was shaking for a little while after, but that was just because he was trying to get his balance after carrying around all that weight for so long,” Mrs. Hazell told the Mercury News. “Then he just started running around everywhere. We had to put him in a smaller yard so he didn’t wear himself out.”

Whatsoever, it is not every day that we see such wooly sheep. Watch the full video below!

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