Security Cam Films Brave Kid Trying to Get Away From 3 Guys Following Him in Car

Sometimes, a stroke of luck can save your life. Other times, you have to bring that luck for yourself.

This video is for every kid who is prone to the danger of being kidnapped by a stranger. In fact, every kid must get some inspiration from brave Grayden. This kid is just so brave that he knew exactly when to make a witty move and save himself from abductors. The whole thing was captured by a security cam and we are more than glad that this kid was safe.

“They said, ‘Hi’ and I started walking faster,” Grayden told FOX 13. “And they said, ‘Get in the backseat, we have some candy.’” Grayden quickly ran to the side of the pathway where rocks littered their landscaped lawn. He screamed “Mom! Mom! Get away! Get away!” before threatening to hurl rocks at the suspicious car.

His story needs to be shared as much as possible. Watch the full video below!

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