Cub Was Trapped and Mama Fox Cried Out for Help – Watch What Happens

You can never tell what you might witness on a given day. Even animals have to encounter the unexpected, and sometimes things can get really scary in an instant. When a fox cub got stuck in a drain, brave bystanders tried their best to free the trapped little kit from his dangerous predicament. They couldn’t quite reach their arms far enough down the drain, so they had to come up with another alternative, and fast.

After other people heard the cub crying from down the dark and narrow drain pipe, knew they had to work very quickly to get him out of there. They first noticed something was wrong when they spotted another older fox. She was standing nearby, and didn’t flee even when she was surrounded by people. There was lots of loud noises and people around, but she still didn’t move. The fox looked nervous, but she still didn’t seem to want to run away.

The mother didn’t want to leave until she got reunited with her cub. The locals then came up with an idea. They used a drainage rod to try and push the cub out. They didn’t quite reach with their arms so tried to push again from a different pipe. But soon afterwards, their efforts finally paid off. The poor cub finally got out, although he was very dirty. The rescuers did clean him up and sent him back to his mom.

It was a hard day for them, but thankfully, their ordeal didn’t end too badly. Perhaps the little cub learned a lesson! Watch the amazing rescue below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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