He Reunites With Rescued Lioness After 7 Years, But When He Goes in Water…

If you think that animals don’t have emotions or any sense of complex feelings, you’d be wrong. It’s not just cats and dogs that grow affectionate towards their humans. Farm animals like cows, horses and goats can get attached to humans as well. What is even more surprising is that even wild animals seems to get fond of humans that they’ve interacted with for a long time, or ones that they have interacted in from a very young age.

You might have seen videos of animals like elephants and chimpanzees bond very closely to their handlers, even thinking them as a part of their own social groups. But what about carnivorous animals like lions, for instance? They are perfect killing machines, and usually don’t hesitate in bringing down a kill much larger than themselves. Despite their dangerous nature, Kevin Richardson is a big fan of big cats.

He had rescued two lion cubs, Amy and Meg, and taken care of them. They were later released into the wild. Richardson didn’t meet them for seven long years, so he was nervous about reuniting with them. He did manage to catch up with one of them and hook up a GoPro camera on her body. He then led her into the waters, which she was so scared of crossing. The cameras captured a stunning moment indeed.

She was able to overcome her fear, thanks to the encouragement from her friend. This showed just how much she trusted him!

Check out this amazing video below:

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