A Young Man Steals Her Parking Spot, So She Does This for Payback

Don’t you hate it when you’re waiting for something so long, and right before your eyes, it gets taken away? People have their ways of dealing with it as well. So, when this granny was waiting to park her, she lost it right before her eyes.

Granny was waiting a long time to get the parking spot. And when one vehicle was finally moving, she was ready to park her car. But out of nowhere, a young man comes out of nowhere in his truck. And before you know it, he parks his car in the spot.


The woman is surprised, angry, and irritated all at the same time. At first, she gets out of the car and stands there clueless. After a while, she walks away, and the camera can’t capture her. But then she is back in the frame.

And this time, she walks straight up to the car, and you can see a baseball bat in her hand. Next thing you know, she starts smashing the man’s windshield with the bat. She hits the glass a couple of times and quietly walks away. The woman then gets in her car and leaves.

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