Though not all, but some particular men have proven to be ill-mannered in nature with practically no sense of respect for women, at all. These accusations are based on constant unpleasant experiences with men that never tire of verbally harassing women, most especially when they are out on the streets. These strong independent women have been cat-called for so long but will never ever be used to such abuse, this cannot be left ignored. Some might say it’s because of what they’re wearing “too revealing”, or maybe because of their make-up “too slutty”, or even because of their body language “too inviting”. Well, I for one cannot stand the thought. I’d just have to say, it’s simply because of the lack of respect and disregard for other people’s feelings. Period.

This one girl has terribly had it with unruly men, and all their cat-calling. At a stoplight in one of London’s busy streets, a motorist with a camera attached to his helmet caught a nasty experience of a woman cyclist with two men inside a minivan. These men have been seen to have an incredibly close distance to the said cyclist parked at the stop, you can also hear them saying awful things to her while they try to grab and reach her as a way of badgering the poor girl.

When the lights went green, the minivan drove away rushing to get away from the scene. The girl though was so pissed off she hurriedly cycled after the minivan not letting it out of her sight. The motorist filming the incident also followed them to see what was going to happen. Finally, the minivan driven by those impolite men stopped only a few blocks away from the stoplight enabling the cyclist to catch up. When she eventually got to the window of the van, she forcefully tugged the side window off as hard as she could. With much success, she smacks it to the hard ground and rides off with sweet revenge.

Watch the video below and see how this woman stood up for herself!

After the woman cyclist was gone, the motorist that was eventually following and filming the incident also stopped at the minivan’s side window and told the rude men “Exactly what you deserve, you scum!” then drove away commending the brave girl on the video.

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