Doctor Gives Blind Mom a Way To ‘See’ Her Baby During Ultrasound

Tatiana Guerra went blind when she was 17 years old. But she never missed taking a step back and appreciate the colors in her life. Despite her inability to see the world, she lived her life to the fullest. She lived every day in happiness, despite the fact that she knew the world wasn’t always fair to her.

And, like many other women, she yearned for the joys of motherhood. And as she approached her 30th birthday, she was overjoyed to learn that a baby was growing on her tummy. Guerra is seen in a video released last week by Huggies Brasil being examined at a doctor’s office 20 weeks into her pregnancy.

Blind mother sees her unborn child

She’s eager to see what her baby looks like, so she’s looking forward to her ultrasound appointment. However, due to her disabilities, it was impossible to grant her wish. So the doctor devises an ingenious plan for her to be able to sense just what her baby looks like.

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