Group of Seniors Kicks It Back to the 70s by Cutting Loose to Bee Gees Classic

Some periods in history are so memorable and interesting that they live on long after the decade they were named after has passed. One of these eras is unquestionably the 1970s. When bell bottoms and disco fever were in style, it was time to bust out the moves.

The disco era of the 70s was a time of exuberance and flamboyance, characterized by a unique blend of music, fashion, and dance. Disco music was heavily influenced by funk, soul, and R&B, and was defined by its infectious rhythms and catchy melodies. Popular disco songs often featured lush orchestration, driving basslines, and soaring vocals that encouraged audiences to dance the night away.

Things may have changed since then, but the carefree, good-time attitude that characterized that time period persists–as long as you want to be part of it. In this video, we have a Zumba class trying out their disco moves and showing they are all in for the good times.

The location, a tree-lined street in Rome, was the perfect setting for their song. Each and every person in the line dance/Zumba mashup appeared to be in such a good mood. You can tell from watching them dance that they had a great time when they were out having fun in discos. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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