We always wonder what is going through the minds of animals. For instance, when we see our pets looking at us, we can’t help but wonder what they think about us. Aaron at Aaron’s Animals takes matters into his own hands and creates videos that explore the side of animals’ lives that we don’t’ get to see. And the videos are so amusing and funny!

A cat and his human were relaxing on a park bench. They never expected a naughty duck to come along and steal their bag of treats. But this duck has no idea just who he was messing with, because the cat instantly jumps into action. In this video, a cat sets out to get back his treat bag from a gang of ducks who have snatched it from him.

When the cat encounters a river and has trouble passing it, Aaron comes up with a brilliant plan to help the kitty. The video is just so ridiculous and hilarious and you can’t help laugh along. Viewers end up rooting for the cat throughout his mission to get back his beloved treats. Aaron uses his real cat for his videos, and he manages to make it look so real!

You have to admire how he edits his videos and makes it look so seamless!

Check out this amazing video below:

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