Woman Rides Her Bike to a Herd of Elephants. The Reason They Follow Her is So Surprising!

It’s not just human beings who live in a family and community. Elephants are socially complex animals. Not only do they live in herds, but group members also form lasting relationships with each other. Moreover, they also visit the graves of their loved ones in the wild. But this elephant herd has a special connection with this woman!

Lek Chailert is the founder of Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Moreover, it is a well-known sanctuary that houses rescued elephants. Chailert has spent most of her life saving and caring for the elephants in the park. So, it’s no surprise that the elephants also like returning the affection!

elephants follow woman in bike

In the video, Chailert rides her bike to meet the elephant herd, who are hanging out by the river. The woman passes the gentle giants and tells them to follow her. That’s when all the elephants drop what they are doing and run towards the bicycle! She leads them to where their feeding is. Furthermore, Faamai, who is an elephant born in the park, nestles her to thank her for all the food. Watch the adorable video below:

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