Curious Fox Spots a Cat on the Road – Watch What Happens Next

Most of us know that jackals, coyotes and dogs are a Fox’s closest relatives. And we also know of the supposed long-time enmity between dogs and cats. Well here’s a video that says not all dog-like animals are enemies of all cats–sometimes they can even be friends.

This video shows a fox cruising the neighborhood when it comes upon a cat standing in the street. At first it’s a bit of a stand-off as the fox circles the cat, but then he takes off and the two animals chase each other, as if they are friends.

They are having a good time jogging in the morning. At one point, they appear to be playing hide and seek, and this is probably not the first time these two have been together.

It’s pretty clear they are friends because when they hear a noise, they run off together! Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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