Cat Patiently Waits for His Human Daily at the Gate, Now See When He Spots Him

Cats and dogs are some of the most popular pets in the world. They have such different personalities though. Dogs shower you with love and affection, while cats seem to be a little cold and distant from their owners. Someone could say that kitties don`t care about their owners and they want to be around people only for food. While cats aren’t as openly affectionate as dogs, they do love their owners in their own ways.

Saying that a cat doesn’t care is wrong on so many levels. You might still doubt it, but they really are not as bad as you think. In fact, they might even love you more than you’d think. The kitty featured in this video is one of the sweetest creatures you’ll ever see. He’s so smart and lovely, and he’s here to steal your heart. Even if you’re not a cat person, this will surely make you change your mind about them!

This kitty’s name is Tonto, and he seems to have come up with a special sequence to welcome his owner back home every time he returns from work. As soon as the car pulls up outside the home, the Bengal cat is always waiting right at the gate to see him. He makes sure to climb up the fence to get a better view of everything, and when the owner steps out of the car, he can’t contain his joy!

This doesn’t happen only one day—this is the same routine that happens every single day, and it’s just so adorable! Check out this hilarious video below:

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