Generous Veterinarian Asks 400 Homeless People to Bring Their Pets

Not all heroes wear capes. Some people do so much work in the world but don’t get recognition for it. These people want to make a difference in the world kindly and humbly. Dr. Kwane Stewart, also known as the “street vet,” is one of those people!

Most vets do not like the idea of homeless people keeping pets. And we understand their viewpoint as there are a lot of limitations when you don’t have a permanent shelter. But Dr. Stewart has another perspective on it. He thinks that homeless people take care of their pets as much as we do, if not more! Furthermore, he even expresses people need the love that these pets give during hard times.

street vet stewart

Saving strays while growing up, Dr. Stewart’s destiny was to be a vet. But he took an even better step after the recession hit California. He knew he had to help those who were left homeless. And he did so by treating their pets for free! Moreover, he looks for homeless people on the streets and helps medically by looking upon conditions such as arthritis, infections, poor oral health, etc. Altogether, he has helped over 400 pets in the nine years that he’s been out on the streets! Watch his video below:

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