Cat Tried to Steal This Little Puppy’s Bed, but Watch the Puppy’s Priceless Response

Cats and dogs are commonly seen as enemies in popular culture, often being portrayed as adversaries in cartoons and movies. This is likely due to the fact that cats and dogs have different temperaments and behaviors that can lead to conflict if they are in the same space.

Cats are typically independent, aloof animals while dogs are known to be more social and interactive. As a result, cats may find dogs to be too energetic and intrusive, while dogs may see cats as unapproachable and unfriendly

Well here’s some proof that the pop culture understanding of these two animals is not always right. Watch this video of an adorable cat and dog duo who prove that cats and dogs can totally get along. You‘re gonna crack up at all the disagreements between these two!

The cute French Bulldog featured here is named Pixel and he is 10 weeks old. His cat sibling tends to keep stealing his bed even though she has her own. And the little puppy couldn’t take it anymore. The way he finally reclaimed his bed left me in stitches.

Wait till you see Pixel’s revenge! Hope the cat learned her lesson! Watch the cute clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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