Man Notices a Woodpecker on His Grill Every Day, So He Takes a Closer Look

Animals, at times, are quick to call in dibs around your stuff, laying unsupervised. No matter the shape and size, they find a clever way to make usage. In the clip featuring below, a woodpecker takes over a barbecue grill.

Sage Frye recently discovered brand new information; he has no longer use his grill. It’s not because the machinery was busted or no longer serves its purpose. The grill seems to be taken over by a woodpecker. Sage noticed this bird flying back and forth around but didn’t think of it much. One fine morning Sage put on his detective hat.

There it was, Sage’s former grill turned into a storage unit for the woodpecker’s family. The owner then went on Reddit to post the clip under “Animals Being Jerks,” captioning, “he no longer has a grill.” Once he opens the lid, it’s incredible to see how fast the bird has filled the grill with its winter stash.

Within two weeks, it has stashed quite an impressive load of black oak acorns. Many commentators chimed in with their thoughts and queries. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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