Woman Sees Butterfly With Broken Wings And Decide to Fix It In The Most Unique Way

Whenever I saw butterflies or any kind of insects with wings, I used to get pretty scared. I knew they were very fragile, especially their wings. I used to follow them around so no one could hurt them. But somehow whenever they got hurt, I wanted to fix it. But I didn’t know-how.

Now, I’ve got the answer. In a touching video, a woman can be seen using a feather to help a wounded butterfly repair its broken wing on TikTok. On June 20, Dahlia discovered a monarch butterfly with a broken wing and has since been helping it get better. In an effort to make him stronger, she experimented with various methods and shared them with her 6,000 followers along the way. That’s when she decided to substitute feathers for her wings.

Butterfly wings broken

After a few attempts at flying, the butterfly finally got the hang of his “bionic” wing and took to the skies. She named it, Nemo-Bucky, let it disappear into the wild. After a while, Nemo-Bucky visited the woman again to say thank you. She was happy to see he was doing well. Watch this beautiful journey here:

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