He Splashes Water on a Lamborgini – Few Seconds in, Reveals the Underlying Message

With spray paint and a penchant for illegally tagging walls, Rene Turrek, a German artist, has gone from punk kid to global celebrity artist, working with companies like Mattel and Nikon. If anything, he’s become more corporate, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing some fun work for himself. He has recently shifted his focus to painting some seriously cool cars, resulting in some truly stunning results.

When you first look at this Lamborghini Gallardo video, it appears to be a purplish color. But when he splashed water on the hood,  a cool tribute to the greatest of all crime fighters, Captain America, emerges. In no way, shape, or form, is Turrek a nerdy witch. The vehicle’s paint is thermochromic, meaning it changes color as the temperature rises or falls.

Lamborgini changes color

By default, the Lambo appears to be a low-key purple coupe when not in use. Throwing some hot water in on the special paint makes it translucent, allowing you to see the car’s real color underneath. The paint gradually returns to its original transparency after a short period of time. It is titled ‘The First Avenger,’ and Turrek calls it that. The paint on an R33 Nissan Skyline was used in a similar way, allowing the car to change color from orange to black and back to orange again.

Watch this amazing transformation here:

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