She Lifts This Baby Chameleons For The Most Crucial Job In The House

Fruit flies are commonly found infesting homes that have ripe, rotting, or decayed fruit or produce, especially in warm climates. They also enjoy fermented drinks like beer, liquor, and wine, as well as other alcoholic beverages.

Besides drains and garbage disposals, fruit flies can also breed and develop in trash cans and mop buckets. It takes about 24-30 hours for the eggs to hatch after the female deposits them once they start reproducing indoors. As a result, pest management becomes more challenging.


But this pet owner has the best solution for this stubborn infestation. Their solution was to use one-month-old veiled chameleons to catch fruit flies inside their house, which solved both problems at once. He not only feeds them, but he also eliminates the bothersome flies.

While one of the baby chameleons eats the flies, the other climbs off his hand onto a cord. “This is natural pest control at its finest”, states one of the commenter. Please watch the full video here:

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