When the 21-year-old Took This Picture, She Couldn’t Believe That the Worst Possible Was About to Happen

Life is very uncertain. You never know what it has in store for you. Likewise, you never know when is the last time you are going to see someone. Losing a loved one is the most devastating experience in the world. No one deserves the amount of pain he bears at the loss of someone.

Destiny Mantia and her husband Corey were supposed to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary on September 23. They met in 20th grade at a football game, when they were both 15 and 16 years old. Three years later, they married. The young couple was having a fantastic marriage.

Parker Lee, their young son, completes their happy ending. The young family has many hopes and dreams. They start thinking about the future; they want to buy a house and expand their family. “He was extremely amusing and loving, and he was always willing to assist anyone in need. We were always talking. There wasn’t a single day when we weren’t together “Destiny tells the story of her husband.


Their lives, however, were shattered into a thousand pieces on September 20, 2014. A completely anonymous stranger woman destroys everything. One year after that terrible day, the young woman wrote on Facebook about the moment that changed their lives forever

This beautiful story will make you fall in love and break your heart soon after. A 21-year-old mom was happy and head over heels in love with her young husband when life took them away in an accident. The culprit also died in the accident but the incident left a young and happy woman widowed and childless.

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