Couple Fined $1,500 to Park in Their Own Driveway After 36 Years of Parking There

Sometimes life is simply unfair. You don’t really expect the worse to come but when it comes, it will leave you disappointed.

The same happened with this couple. This is one of the most heartbreaking things you will ever find on the Internet. After a person is of a certain age, you won’t be able to fight for your rights the same as a young person would. And there are some vile people who tend to use your weakness against you. This couple’s situation is almost the same.

Judy and Ed Craine live on a steep hill in San Francisco and had been parking in their own driveway and that had worked well over the last 36 years. But recently they were denied this right and were fined as well. “To all of a sudden be told you can’t use something that we had used for years, it’s startling,” Ed Craine told KCTV 5.

Hopefully, this problem will be sorted out soon. Watch the full video below!

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