Parents are always worried about their kids doing something that might ruin their life. Well, it is an obvious concern.

If I was a parent, I would not let kids of the opposite sex have a sleepover. But a gay boy can definitely come over and have a sleepover with girls when you think about it. There really aren’t too many questions that come to our minds when we think of a homosexual kid sleeping over with girls because straight kids are the concern right?

brian barclay

Mason Brian Barclay was ecstatic to learn that his best friend Houston Shelton was throwing a sleepover. The catch was, no one of the opposite sex was allowed in the house, as Houston had been warned by her parents.

Mason could see why these restrictions were put in place; typically, they have a sexual overtone, with parents wanting to prevent any teen hanky-panky from taking place in their homes. But Mason, who identified as gay, didn’t think those norms applied here.

But when a self-identifying gay kid asked this mom to have a sleepover with her daughter, she had a different and hilarious reaction to his text. The woman had something to say and she had a point. It is funny how people have become so advanced in humor now. The concern shifted from her daughter to her “hot” husband.

So funny. Watch the full video below!

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