Jealous Whale Falls in Love with her Zookeeper

This is a great story of the beautiful bond between a man and, well, his whale.

Tina, a Beluga Whale at a zoo in South Korea has fallen in love with her handler.  While it sounds strange, it’s actually beautiful to watch how she “lights up” when he’s around. She even gets angry and jealous of the zookeeper’s female co-workers, spitting water at them when they come to close to her man.

whale falls in love with keeper

This advanced behavior for Tina may be unique but it’s not unheard of for Beluga whales. The are highly intelligent creatures who were even used for submarine operations by government militaries.

Tina was eventually introduced to two male whales and, after some initial hesitation, eventually bonded enough with them to swim as a pod.

Watch this wholesome video – it will make you smile!

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