This Circus Lion was Caged for 20 Years – Here’s His First Moments of Freedom

Here’s a heartwarming story of freedom that’s sure to make your day. A mountain lion locked up for 20 years, mostly in a pickup truck, finally gets to wander free.

Many circuses keep big cats in captivity to use in their show. This story is about Mufasa, one of the last wild animals kept in captivity after Peru banned wild animals in circuses.  After a wild standoff involving riot police, Animal Defenders International (ADI) released Mufasa from his circus chains.

Unchained Mountain lion

This video shows how Mufasa was kept by the circus, his first moments of freedom without chains, and his release into a specially-built forest sanctuary. It is a wonderful spectacle of freedom!

You will definitely love this video. Watch the full video below!

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