6 Ft Gorilla Catches Zookeepers Off Guard – and the Rare Footage Goes Viral

Gorillas are a close resemblance to human beings. Did you know they share 95% of similarity in the DNA with us? An ape in the Port Lympne Zoo may have more similarities to humans than expected.

Silverback Gorilla becomes viral after walking around his enclosure.

One particular day, visitors of Port Lympne Zoo located in Kent, England were in for a treat. A 28-year old gorilla, Ambam was awing his visitors by showing off his talents. Passed down or learned from his father, Ambam can walk on two legs like humans.

Like most of the peers, Ambam hangs out on the wildlife preserve not necessarily walking all the time. He is the second generation of his breed to habitat in the zoo. Although the place hosts many endangered species such as black rhinos and African elephants. It is mostly known as the “Palace of the Apes.”

The 6-foot tall gorilla impresses the crowd by mimicking the way humans walk and stand.

Furthermore, it unclear how Ambam learned it from but the keeper, Phil Ridges believes it was his father’s specialty too. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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