They Hear a Whale Crying and Follow the Sound – It’s Unbelievable!

Orcas are one of the fascinating creatures in the world. Some also know them as “Killer Whales.” However, they belong to the dolphin family! Although the name sounds dangerous, they are, pretty harmless even in the wild. Additionally, the white markings on their body and near their eyes make them look so adorable!

There were low tides one particular day in the shorelines of British Columbia. When people heard cries from what they thought was a wild animal, they never expected it to be an Orca stuck in the rocks at the shoreline! They tried many ways to push it back into the water. Unfortunately, they were not able to move the massive animal. But they didn’t lose hope yet!

So the rescuers got to work. They got sheets of cloth and covered the whale soaking it in water. Moreover, they continuously poured water all over the whale’s skin to keep it hydrated. After eight works of working non-stop, the tides started rising. Finally, the aquatic mammal was free! And the sound it makes to thank the rescuers is so cute.

Watch the moment the Orca escapes the rocks below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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