Newlywed Couple Unleashes Majestic First Dance Like Nothing Guests Had Seen Before

Weddings are always full of symbols and rituals that hold a lot of meaning. Therefore, the first dance is one of the most-awaited and honored traditions. The synchronization and expressions reveal harmony between the two newlyweds.

However, modern society loves improvisation over everything. These polish couples took the first dance one step further by performing a thoughtfully choreographed swing dance routine. Furthermore, this shows passion and hard work that goes into practice. And not to mention the patience to excel every lift.

The swing was created to complement Jazz and a variety of other dance forms. For instance, Lindy Hop, the Charleston, the Balboa, etc. The unbiased nature of this style attracts more people every day. No wonder the couples flawlessly executed this routine.

Initially, the lovely groom and bride walk in their cute outfits. The guests let out big cheers as they realize they are in for a treat. The bride in a red tutu skirt walks towards the groom, who is dressed in suspenders flaunting moves. In the fancy song by “Meghan Trainor,” they enjoy a dance incorporated with fancy moves and fantastic lifts.

Please press play and enjoy this unique dance of the couples. It is genuinely a brilliant way to embark on a new journey. Do share your blessing with the teams.

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