Hotel Cleaner Pulls Bed Cover And Discovers Pile Of Cash — But After Reading Note, She’s In Total Disbelief

When was the last time you thought about someone who cleaned your room? When we walk into a hotel and check-in your spotless room. A lot of work goes into making a room clean and organized for the guests. 

Usually, when you go to a cafe and restaurant, you tip the waiter because she serves you and is around the whole time. 

But it is a whole new story for hotel cleaners in hotels. They come after you are gone and make the area nice and tidy for another stay. The video below captures a reaction from the maid after receiving a generous offer. 

Youtube channel named “Give Back Films” Josh and Kyle is helping strangers few step at a time. The duo considers themselves fortunate enough to give back to the ones in need. Apart from the direct approach, they also work with different organizations for philanthropic or service-based initiatives.

Initially, we get a background story of the cleaner they are about to surprise by the hotel manager. Apart from doing her job, she puts up extra work and organizes other parts of the establishments. The room is set up with cameras and messed up to look like it was used. The lady walks into the room to remove the sheets when she comes across a pile of cash and a note. She immediately breaks down in tears. 

Furthermore, she refuses to take the money, but the team insists. Please press play and enjoy the full video. Do share your thoughts in the feed. 

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