Man Shows a Genius Technique on How He Opens a Watermelon Using Only a Quarter

Fruits, we all have different techniques of cutting into it. Thanks to the internet, the ideas keep pouring in. Take Watermelon, for instance; this sweet juicy summertime delight has been a subject of experiment over the internet for quite a long time.

From wrapping it around with tons of rubber bands until it burst under pressure to using a quarter, there are plenty out there. Once I say, quarter to cut into the watermelon, it indeed doesn’t sound like a simplified craft. Moreover, it falls under the laborious category, but it looks like a cool trick. Something that you can awe the family with once you get done with the initial step.

The video was shared by a YouTuber named, CrazyRussianHacker. With 11.5M subscribers, the guy dabbles in fun and crazy experiments. Like the one showcasing below, he first uses a quarter to cut through the first layer of melon. It follows through the line and draws a big circle around the fruit. Now all you gotta do is, “Kung fu” Chop it. And just like that, a wide-open watermelon without a knife.

It would be a handy skill if you had quarter somehow landed with a watermelon deserted on an island. But that’s something you won’t have to think about right now. Please enjoy the video.

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