Maybe We’ve Used a Cheese Grater Wrong Our Whole Lives – This is Much Easier!

They say you can’t teach us old dogs new tricks, but what about just giving us the opportunity to learn them on our own? This video just might be that opportunity. 

Most of us have shredded cheese in our life and the old box-shaped metal cheese grater with sharp holes is an adequate tool for that. But after multiple finger bandages, we all wonder if there’s a better way. What if we’ve been going about it all wrong?


Here’s a way that might save you on bandages. A few years ago, this video went viral on Twitter for because it’s a safer and easier way to grate cheese than the vertical method most of us use.

Just tilt the shredder to horizontal–it’s a much better motion for control and safety. Watch the full clip below to see it in action and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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