How to Recognize the Signs of a Child Drowning in a Pool

Did you know there is a phenomenon known as silent drowning? Usually, when we think about the signs of drowning, it seems pretty straightforward. But spotting a drowning person is much more difficult.

The disturbing surveillance footage below of a Helsinki swimming pool showcases a scary story. In the clip below, the pool is busy, filled with visitors, their parents, and guards to look after. Even amid such a heavy crowd, a boy drowning slowly goes unnoticed. At first, it may look like the boy is playing around having fun. But clearly, he seems to be in trouble.

It isn’t until he bumps into a woman while floating upside down that he garners the required attention. Fortunately, the boy fully recovered after this incident. His mother, however, was charged with gross negligence and jailed for four months. To avoid such tragic accidents, here are some signs of silent drowning:

  • Arms at the side: Whenever a person is drowning, they try their best to stay above water. So, they tend to keep their arms at the sides, trying to maneuver them.
  • Bobbing: The boy alternates between rising above and sinking in the clip, also known as bobbing.
  • Gasping: When a person begins drowning, their prime concern becomes the breach of the air. Hence, they try their best to catch air and gasp in the process. In the case of children, they rarely call out for help or even splash the water. They go into the bobbing response.
  • Floating face down: If you ever notice anyone floating face down for more than a few seconds. Chances are they have gone unconscious. This is the most critical stage of drowning and requires an immediate medical response.

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