Harriet the Donkey Shocks Passersby With High-pitched Operatic ‘Singing’

Whenever you think of Donkey’s singing. What do you picture in your head? Chances are it’s not the impressive tunes you have heard so far. Cause lets are honest; we have heard better singers in the wild. However, it’s time to think again.

Harriet, the donkey, enjoys company. And whenever a visitor walks by, it remembers to serenade and make their day a little brighter. Martin Stanton, who filmed the video, is not a stranger to Harriet’s extraordinary skills. Moreover, he is a fan and a regular visitor. In exchange for the beautiful singing, he gives Harriet treats too much down.


Martin shared in an interview that Harriet never sounded like an ordinary donkey. In my opinion, there’s a singer trapped inside the Donkey. I mean, just listen to her reach. As she belts out the octave tunes, it almost feels like she might sing “Ave Maria” any minute now. Please check the clip out; Harriet is sure to blow your minds.  She should totally try out for any kind of Talent franchise.

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