Woman Keeps Watermelon for an Entire Year – Cuts It Open to See What’s Inside

It’s summer now, the season for a lot of refreshing fruits on the market. From juicy plum and pleaches with refreshing watermelons. Usually, when I go shopping, I tend to buy many fruits and completely forget about them. This cant is only me, right?

So, the fruits go bad, and straight to the bin, it goes. But have you wonder how long can a fruit endure to sit out before its begins that horrible smell of rot. Well, why would you think about that, right? However, we humans are not all the same. Some are a little more curious than others. Take Nita Gail, for instance, a YouTuber who teaches efficient ways to carve or cut into vegetables and fruit.

Hence, she ends up buying a lot of fruits. A year ago, she bought a round, dense-colored juicy delight, watermelon. Later the fruit didn’t make the cut. Nonetheless, it has its moment of shine.

The family went on their trip and totally forgot about the melon. It was few months in before Nita realized about the watermelon. Thus an idea struck what will happen if I leave the fruit for over a year? If you are equally curious about the subject, watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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